Benefits of eLearning for business

Benefits of eLearning to business

Many companies, from start-up to large enterprise-sized organizations have already discovered the benefits of eLearning for business. Companies are replacing their on-the-job training model, for online courses via eLearning platforms like Kallidus Content.

There are numerous benefits of corporate training for businesses, that justify the investment. An IBM white paper ‘The Value of Training’ details the return on investment of IT skills development. They found the following when implementing online training in organizations:

  • Goals are met 90% more frequently, increasing team skills
  • Companies save $70,000 per year and increase productivity by 10%
  • Product launches are 22% faster

Corporate training through online courses helps to increase productivity, lower costs and ultimately – boost revenue! The initial investment in eLearning pays for itself as reduces expenses with the training of employees. There is also the benefit of minimal maintenance costs compared to face-to-face classes. Other benefits of digital learning include:

  1. Engagement

By avoiding traditional classroom lessons, eLearning uses a variety of formats including animations, videos, games and interactivity. This helps improve with different learning technologies increasing engagement by 19%

  1. Centralization

Training requirements and processes vary by department, especially in large organizations. By utilizing an online platform everything sits in one place, it is therefore easy for everyone to access, update easily and find content quickly – eliminating the need for separate learning programs.

  1. Economy

Online education eliminates the cost of paying instructors, leasing classroom space, travel expenses or even overtime to attend courses. Online courses can be done from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Measurement

As it is digital, everything can be measured and analyzed easily. You can see how many people have completed the course, the time is taken to complete, and scores – however, the real benefit lies in the ability to track how eLearning impacts business KPIs. This could be anything from reducing support calls, increasing sales or even faster integration of new customers.

  1. Scalability

Your business training program will need to grow in line with your organization. New employees can access the platform and begin the learning process from day one.

  1. Agility

As markets change so quickly, organizational training needs are in a constant state of update. This requires an eLearning system that is agile enough to reflect these changes. By being able to quickly incorporate an organization’s updates to provide teams with the emerging operational skills needed in the marketplace.

  1. Contextualization

Each organization’s training requirements are unique and vary between departments. eLearning courses can be customized to meet specific needs within the business. Different employee experience levels or those wishing to acquire new knowledge can be catered for.

With online training, it is not just the company that wins.

Here are 6 key benefits of how eLearning can improve an employee’s working life:

  • Flexibility: With the ability to train anytime, anywhere – the only requirement is access to an electronic device and internet.
  • Mobility: Online training is not limited to desktops and can be done via mobile, tablet and laptops.
  • Access: Course material can be viewed multiple times without limit. This ensures that if there is any need to, professionals can consult an answer by accessing the eLearning platform.
  • Community: Those with similar learning goals can interact in online communities sharing questions and ideas.
  • Progress: Online assessments bring a fair scoring system to help employees measure their understanding of a subject.
  • Retention: eLearning helps employees to retain information with the use of compelling images, videos, animations and more.
Don’t be left behind!

We have discussed the reason to embrace online training and the benefits of eLearning for business. But perhaps the main reason is that eLearning and digital content is the future direction of professional learning. Expectations are increasing from employers, customers and partners – with a demand for online needs to be met. Organizations without an eLearning system may well be left behind! Find out how how your employees will also benefit.

*source IBM ‘The value of training’

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