Improving customer experience of grocery home shopping for Tesco

About the project

Improving customer experience of grocery home shopping for Tesco

The Challenge

Tesco employs over 20,000 Customer Delivery Drivers.  As the face of Britain’s largest supermarket chain, the role is about much more than just driving: it’s about helping others and delivering a great service with a smile.

With customer experience a key focus in the quest to be the best in class for grocery home shopping, Tesco decided to invest in an interactive game to support its interactive classroom training, enhance the overall learning experience, improve customer service and help boost staff retention.

20000  +
potential users
3D characters
2000  +
learner hours in 1 month
seasonal apps

Designing for a diverse audience

Kallidus produced a highly interactive and engaging 30 minute game which has been designed to appeal to a diverse demographic with a wide range of language, digital literacy and people skills.

3D characters are based on real drivers from different depots across the country and real life backgrounds have been used and animated in Fuse. Regional dialects for the different character voice-overs provide authenticity.

The game features five routes accessed via a city map and real-world scenarios that drivers face every day. Each scenario has three animated versions – ‘getting it right’, ‘getting it right and being exceptional’ and a humorous version illustrating what can go wrong. Quizzes and mini-games are used for fun and to re-enforce learning, including a finger-swiping ‘clean the van’ and drag and drop ‘dress the driver’ game.


Technology as a key enabler

The use of innovative technology is an inherent part of the solution which has been developed using Starling Framework with a Google Firebase back-end.

Reflecting the rise of mobile devices in the workplace, a subset of the target audience have downloaded the game as an app via an enterprise account from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

We also developed a back-end administration system to enable reporting on everything from scores achieved at a regional, store and individual level to usage of the game including individual downloads, attempts completed and time taken.


Learning for fun

The game helps delivery drivers give customers the best service possible. Its success led to the development of a Christmas version that drivers could download to their own smartphones. Given the app was purely voluntary, it was great to see over 2,000 hours of use being notched up during December.

Working with the team has been outstanding. The Kallidus team took on anything we threw at them and that was brilliant. We knew we could always ask them anything and we were always pleasantly surprised at how positive their responses were.

Programme Leader, Tesco


Redefining customer sales and
service elearning for JYSK

In mid-2017, JYSK launched their campaign to revamp their suite of modules for their new Mobile Retail Curriculum. JYSK brought Kallidus on board to help them realise what could be done to make the learning become the immersive, interactive content they were looking for.