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Power to your people

Enable your people to reach their full potential with our flexible, ready-to-use eLearning courses – easily customizable to fit with your brand and your business requirements.

The workplace is evolving; by choosing modern content that fits your business, you’ll be able to upskill your workforce – wherever they are – with engaging content and rapid onboarding.

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Take control

Kallidus Content puts you in total control, without the costs and effort usually needed to create customized eLearning content.

“The flexibility, adaptability, and dynamism of Kallidus Content secured our partnership with this global pharmaceutical business, maximizing their eLearning success for over six years.”

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Working for you


Customize your eLearning course

Our ready-to-use course content can be customized quickly and easily to fit your brand – without a big price tag.

Speaking your language

With auto-translate, everyone can access your eLearning courses, whatever their first language.

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Content you can rely on

We’ve already helped over a million learners, and are ready to help you maximize the power of eLearning.

Ready to go

Get your people started with same-day access to courses.


Right size, perfect place

Users learn at the speed that suits them, in bite-size chunks, helping them to understand, learn and retain.


Content fit for you

health and safety courses

Health & Safety

Our OSHA approved courses are designed to keep employees – and those around them – healthy and safe at work.

compliance courses


These courses are designed to teach employees everything they need to know about the legislation that impacts their business.

leadership courses


Our leadership courses are designed to develop the potential of your most promising employees and inspire your team to high performance.

influencing courses


These interactive courses cover how to adapt your influencing approach to suit the stage of growth of your team and get your opinions heard.

coaching courses


Our coaching courses utilize the GROW model and progressively develop all the skills learners need to become effective workplace coaches.

performance management courses

Performance Management

Giving you the insight to be able to set performance expectations, motivate team members, solve problems, and prepare for a formal review.

customer service course

Customer Service

Our courses focus on how it is vital for your employees to understand the fundamentals of great service, and the impact this can have on your business.

presentation courses


These courses provide essential training to ensure that you deliver confidently, meeting your audience’s expectations.

team dynamic courses

Team Dynamics

Our courses look at improving group dynamics, helping every member of your team to contribute, collaborate and improve internal relationships.


Power to our partners

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Make learning unique

All for a similar price point to off-the-shelf courses.

  • Fully customizable eLearning with impressive content and user-controlled courses.
  • Smarter accessibility features save time and money on managing learners with special requirements and additional training needs.
  • You’re in control, so courses are accurate, relevant and on brand.

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of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year


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