Coaching Skills

Taking your team to the next level 

Coaching has become an essential ingredient of leadership required to produce the best teams in the workplace. Team leaders and managers will learn how to achieve great results through effective coaching.  

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What’s in the course?

  • The difference between learner and coach centered behaviors 
  • How to help learners work out their solutions 
  • New tips on coaching skills that would take your team to the next level 
  • The difference between learner and coach centered techniques 
  • Learnercentered behaviors to pull the process forward  
  • Coach centered behaviors to push the process forward  
  • What skills need to be developed to become a great coach 
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Uniquely customizable

The ultimate in flexibility, our ready-to-use courses can be customized to fit your brand and your processes. Whether it’s a video introduction from the Chairman or vital policies embedded in a course, Kallidus Content puts you in control.

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We speak your language

With over 100 languages pre-programmed, wherever your learners are and whatever their language preferences, users can dynamically translate courses in a single click.

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Accessible and flexible

Our customization features mean you can cater for any learner’s needs. From speed control to color settings and closed captions to multi-device access, you have the tools your teams need to maximize their potential.


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