Performance Management

Preparing for a Formal Review

Prepare for success

Ensure you prepare for a formal review effectively, giving yourself the best possible chance of success. In this course, youll learn how to set objectives, gather information, brief colleagues and ensure that they also prepare well and manage logistics.  

By the end of the course, learners can generate SMART influencing goals with win/win outcomes and be able to identify and select from different approaches according to the circumstances and the others involved. 

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What’s in the course?

  • How to plan effectively before a review 
  • Setting the right objectives 
  • Ensuring your colleague is briefed  
  • Scheduling time to prepare for formal reviews 
  • How to gather information in a systematic, objective manner 
  • Prepare yourself and your staff emotionally 
  • How to shape the review agenda with practical goals that you share and agree 
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Uniquely customizable

The ultimate in flexibility, our ready-to-use courses can be customized to fit your brand and your processes. Whether it’s a video introduction from the Chairman or vital policies embedded in a course, Kallidus Content puts you in control.

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We speak your language

With over 100 languages pre-programmed, wherever your learners are and whatever their language preferences, users can dynamically translate courses in a single click.

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Accessible and flexible

Our customization features mean you can cater for any learner’s needs. From speed control to color settings and closed captions to multi-device access, you have the tools your teams need to maximize their potential.


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