Using words & voice effectively

Delivering effective oral presentations

Bring your message alive by using techniques such as anecdotes, analogies and quotes to personalize your delivery to your audience. Find out how to vary your tone, pitch, pace and pauses to build emotion into your presentation and keep your audience engaged.

In this course you’ll learn how what you say, how you say it, and everything the audience can see about you help deliver a refined presentation and maintain audience engagement.

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What’s in the course?

  • The importance of pitch, pace and voice variation
  • Skills in personalizing presentations
  • Engaging your audience through emotion
  • Understanding how to create impact with stories, examples and anecdotes
  • Ensuring the story or examples are relevant to your key message
  • Practicing delivery to ensure it is polished and convincing
  • Personalise the example to make it your own
  • Build tension and suspense
  • Creating color with your voice through pace, pitch, pronunciation and pauses
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Uniquely customizable

The ultimate in flexibility, our ready-to-use courses can be customized to fit your brand and your processes. Whether it’s a video introduction from the Chairman or vital policies embedded in a course, Kallidus Content puts you in control.

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We speak your language

With over 100 languages pre-programmed, wherever your learners are and whatever their language preferences, users can dynamically translate courses in a single click.

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Accessible and flexible

Our customization features mean you can cater for any learner’s needs. From speed control to color settings and closed captions to multi-device access, you have the tools your teams need to maximize their potential.


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