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How eLearning benefits employees

How eLearning can benefit your employees

There are many reasons why an LMS system like Kallidus Content can benefit employers. We have previously discussed how it helps lower costs, boost productivity, and fuel growth. Let’s take a look at the benefits of eLearning for employees… Here are 6 key benefits of how eLearning can improve a team member’s working life: 1. Convenient and flexible access With the ability to train anytime, anywhere – the only requirement is access to an electronic device and the internet. Employees…
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Leadership Myths debunked

Five leadership myths debunked

Employees, Management
What do you picture when you hear the word ‘leader’? If you get a clear picture in your head of a specific set of characteristics, chances are you’re buying into some of the many myths surrounding what makes a good leader. The truth is that strong leaders come in all shapes and sizes; what unites them is a set of characteristics or skills which sets them apart from bad bosses. Here are some of the most popular leadership myths that…
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Benefits of eLearning to business

Benefits of eLearning for business

Business, Employees
Many companies, from start-up to large enterprise-sized organizations have already discovered the benefits of eLearning for business. Companies are replacing their on-the-job training model, for online courses via eLearning platforms like Kallidus Content. There are numerous benefits of corporate training for businesses, that justify the investment. An IBM white paper ‘The Value of Training’ details the return on investment of IT skills development. They found the following when implementing online training in organizations: Goals are met 90% more frequently, increasing…
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