How eLearning can benefit your employees

How eLearning benefits employees

There are many reasons why an LMS system like Kallidus Content can benefit employers. We have previously discussed how it helps lower costs, boost productivity, and fuel growth. Let’s take a look at the benefits of eLearning for employees…

Here are 6 key benefits of how eLearning can improve a team member’s working life:

1. Convenient and flexible access

With the ability to train anytime, anywhere – the only requirement is access to an electronic device and the internet. Employees can learn in the office as well as on planes, trains, and even on the couch. As everyone can learn at different times it can fit easily around busy schedules, accessing the content when best suites them. This helps employees find the time to learn when their energy levels and focus are maximized for retention.

2. Supports different learning styles

Everyone has their own personal style of learning. Some retain knowledge through videos, others through notes or some need to be able to put everything into action to get a really good grasp of the subject matter. One of the greatest benefits of eLearning to employees is that you can format content easily. Videos, infographics, games, notes and other content styles make for an engaging experience for everyone.

3. Self-driven and self-paced

It’s most likely that everyone will have different levels of knowledge, skills and experience. Some employees may learn quicker than others or may be more familiar with certain parts of training they don’t want to waste time repeating. Others might be completely new to the subject matter and need a slower pace to fully grasp the information. With eLearning employees can learn at their own pace inline with their individual needs. By not painting employees with a one-size-fits-all approach you can remove unnecessary pressure and promote a more fulfilling experience.

4. Collaboration and community

Learning can be a lonely experience. Employees often learn best through interacting with their peers than from just reading material. Debates and discussions can lead to innovation too. With eLearning, it doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Through features like discussion forums and live tutorials employees can have access to others in the learning community. Those with similar learning goals can interact in online communities sharing questions and ideas.

5. Feedback and recognition

Immediate results can help employees gauge what level they are at and how well they are doing. It also highlights the areas that they may need to revise more before moving on. With additional gamification features such as leaderboards, badges and certificates help provide as sense of recognition and achievement that also improves motivation. Online assessments bring a fair scoring system to help employees measure their understanding of a subject.

6. Improves retention

eLearning helps employees to retain information with the use of compelling images, videos, animations and more. The requirement for interaction ensures that employees are engaging with the content, rather than just sitting and scrolling. Kallidus courses are based on the psychology of learning and a deep understanding of how the brain works, so you can be sure you’re getting maximum results.

The importance of looking at how your employees experience learning within the organization is vital. By providing a learning environment that helps employees to learn and grow – you will actively be helping to improve retention levels, motivation and be seen as an investor in your people! Take a look at our Benefits to Business blog to see how your organization will also benefit!

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